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Kristen Isley

My love for any and all things that involved being creative began at a very young age. Growing up I loved nothing more than sitting down with a colouring book or scrap piece of paper. This passion continued on through high school where I took every art class available and eventually led to me obtaining my degree in Art Therapy from the University of Wisconsin Superior. It was during my time in University that I began to experiment in other art forms such as printmaking, painting and eventually photography. It didn't take long for me to become hooked. There is something about having the ability to capture a specific moment in time and then share that moment with family, friends or the world. 

Since graduating I have gotten married and had two beautiful daughters all while continuing to develop my passion for photography. This journey allows me to meet the most amazing couples, families, babies and fur babies and I am forever grateful for it. It is a priveledge that I do not take lightly and I take pride in helping every client capture their most treasured memories. 

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